I believe wellbeing is your birthright.

Each one of us deserves to live in harmony, peace and in a supportive environment. I believe each person is divine and precious, and that our highest self is a divine luminous energy field capable and strong.  When we create the right environment, our mind, body and spirit are able to self-heal!

But oftentimes, our choice-making, which can be rooted in old dysfunctional, obsolete conditioning and mis-information, does not reflect the truth of who we are. This pattern has an energetic frequency, and it inhibits our ability to take action that nourishes our highest self.

When we confront our daily challenges from a mindset based on fear, resistance, anger, self-criticism, judgement, we are, in essence, functioning at a lower energy vibrational frequency.

This can put us in a state of constant stress, fear and self-shame because we believe we are not worthy of more, while also feeling unwell and discord.

I believe we are not victims, but creators of our own life, and that we have a choice to live our life with an abundance of health, happiness and love. It is our birthright to thrive, experience beauty, wellbeing, success and abundance. We all deserve a life that is balanced and where we can experience more joy and enthusiasm.

I offer support and expert guidance to help you re-discover and reclaim your innate birthright to a life that is vibrant, healthy and balanced.

I work holistically to help you to live actively, consciously and with awareness within an energy frequency that allows you to flourish on all levels, mind, body and heart. I utilize different complementary healing modalities and guidance to regenerate and restore your body temple at the cellular level, and revitalize your aura to promote healing.​

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Your body is a sacred temple that is intelligently designed to self-heal. It is a vibrational energy field that is alive and integrally connected to all that is. When our body is sick or damaged, it's like our body is "out of tune."

I invite you to take the time for yourself and re-discover your inherent ability to self-heal and to live life intuitively with a deeper awareness of the abundance of love and light that is available when we live from our highest self.

In light + love,


victoria schon

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