Hi, my name is Victoria and I am a certified holistic health and nutrition counselor. 


I specialize in helping my clients to make the transition from the standard American diet to a safer, raw living foods lifestyle shift.

Take back your health and vitality. Our bodies are designed to heal. So let's get healthy, happy and have some fun!

I am here to help with

  • an assortment of digestive issues
  • detoxification
  • unwanted weight
  • anxiety​

Been there, done that.

I’ve had a lifelong fascination with health and well being. Early in my life I began to discover the benefits of eating well, increasing energy through movement and creating balance in daily life by enhancing the connection between mind, body and spirit. These practices helped me to gain insights that work, gain body acceptance, overcome my own nutritional obstacles, and provide me with expertise that I am passionate to share with you.

I have discovered that our unique bio-individuality requires us to turn inwardly to question, listen, and reflect upon our true goals and desires. This process calls for self-compassion, healing and a desire for growth. My job is to guide and teach you, be a shoulder to lean on, to inspire and challenge you. Together we will achieve what you thought was impossible, and begin the journey towards living a life you’ve always dreamed about and embracing a whole new lifestyle of self-care.

Now is the time to look inward to discover the secret wisdom that is available to each of us. Learning to connect is part of our journey. By charting a new course together, we will introduce subtle changes, gain momentum, build success, and create a new life of health, vitality and a feeling of wholeness. Let's begin NOW!


My mission is to inspire, energize and enable you. To teach you about the invisible forces that shape your decisions. To guide you toward a shift in the way you use your body, shift what you focus on, and to gently teach you a new language of self-love. As we work together, my goal is to help you achieve greater fulfillment as you learn how to better meet your needs, experiment with new foods, and gain an awareness of the hidden roadblocks in your daily life that prevent you from feeling fresh and energized all day long. My objective is to provide you with a set of tools to serve a lifetime. As your confidence bubbles up, you will learn that you get to choose the path that leads to creating lasting change. I’m here to nudge you back to wholeness as you rediscover your inner body and tap into the language of health. I am here to guide you naturally to wholeness and well being.

holistic health & nutrition