The human body is a luminous vibrational energy field. Every cell in our body vibrates at a certain frequency. When our body is sick, stressed or damaged, there is a distortion; it's like our body is "out of tune." A sound journey is a complementary healing modality that introduces sound vibration into the body to entrain and balance our energetic body at the cellular level, and regenerate our aura to promote healing.

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Sacred Sound


Victoria Schon

Ceremony is an invaluable practice to bring greater meaning, clarity, honor, healing, purpose and sacredness to any occasion.
Ceremony with intention can transform ourself and our world.

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HIGH Vibrational LIVING

As a holistic health practitioner for 10 years, I have learned that energy frequency and balance are essential to our well-being. The genesis of our dis-ease and the stress that destroys our health can usually be linked to the energetic origin within the mind-body-heart connection as well as environmental elements. A holistic approach to wellness is imperative for total well-being.

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High Vibrational Living is a lifestyle that is in balance with the energetic frequency of higher cosmic frequency vibrations of unconditional love, joy, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, inclusivity, and creativity. In this frequency, our mind, body and heart entrain to an energy frequency that is expansive, healing and abundant.

When we learn to choose consciously, moment by moment, that which resonates with higher energetic frequencies, then our own energy comes into sympathetic resonance. We experience greater peace and harmony in our life on every level. 

As a guide and teacher, I have lived and experienced beyond my wildest dreams. I have lived a life full of joy, abundance, beauty, well-being and love. But I have also experienced great regret, shame, pain and loss, and made my share of mistakes along the way. But, I am grateful for it all! These experiences are now my tools, and provide me with an extensive library that I am here to share with you.