You are not alone.

I know what it's like to live with anxiety. For years I lived with debilitating anxiety that I hid behind masks, work, and addiction. I found my way back to wholeness, not through pharmaceuticals, but with the loving and gentle guidance of Mother Nature.

I'm passionate about helping others who are affected by anxiety to learn (or remember) what Mother Earth provides for each of us to heal naturally. 

In an age of instant everything, healing is not a quick fix. I want to share with you everything I have learned and know about healing naturally from the dis-ease of anxiety. It's a journey and a re-birth that requires vigor. I am here to help and guide. When we accept the gifts of Mother Earth into our life, we find healing, freedom and delight. We can trust the process.

Holistic Health Coaching, Healing Heart Sacred Sounds© and Regenerative Detoxification are essential healing modalities I incorporate into my professional practice. As we detoxify the body, not only do we eliminate and remove stored toxic chemicals, lymphatic stagnation, mucus and parasites, but our body also eliminates stored memories and emotions that are stored at the cellular level.

The human body is a vibrational energy field. Every cell in our body vibrates at certain frequencies. When our body is sick or damaged, it's like our body is "out of tune." A crystal singing bowl sound journey is a complementary healing modality to bring the sound vibrations into our body and restore us at the cellular level, regenerating our aura to promote healing.

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it's not all in your head

Toxic pollutants have made their way into the Standard American Diet (SAD). Toxins such as hormones, preservatives, pesticides, fungicides, GMOs, and environmental toxins have taken up residency in our bodies. The negative effects on our endocrine gland system, the body's control center, have not been properly researched. Similarly, a lack of proper movement, sunshine and connecting with Mother Earth, neglecting a spiritual practice, internal acidosis caused by the Standard American Diet, lymphatic stagnation and the decline of the endocrine gland system can all be major contributors to anxiety.

detox with me

To self-heal, it is my experience that a cleanse is vital to restore the balance within the endocrine gland system. Similarly, I recommend regular gentle movement to revitalize the lymphatic system, and it is essential to develop a daily spiritual practice.​

During a cleanse, one can also experience negative stored memories, including anger, loneliness, pain, fear, and so on, as the emotions resurface during the detoxification process to be eliminated as the body regenerates to our natural state of wellness, wholeness and vibrancy.  It is especially important to have support during this time.

I am dedicated to you and your journey toward healing. With me you will find loving support, acceptance, and especially tools and techniques to heal your own anxiety naturally, as Mother Earth intended.

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In Love & Peace,


In my experience, the key to self-healing naturally is to create an environment in which to heal, and to draw upon the wisdom and gifts of Mother Earth and connect in a deeper way to our divine source of guidance.

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