​​​​"The Spirit, not the body, is the alter of truth."

~A Course In Miracles

Healing is an inside job and it's where we begin. Our health and well being is a reflection of our interior landscape. As we explore lifestyle and health goals together, we will address mind, body and heart to empower you to experience health and vibrancy again, as Mother Nature intended.

the art of regenerative detoxification

Regenerative Detoxification is an essential healing modality I incorporate into my Holistic Health Counseling practice. As we detoxify the body, not only do we eliminate and remove stored toxic chemicals, lymphatic stagnation, mucus and parasites, but our body also eliminates negative emotions that are stored at the cellular level.

Oftentimes, during a cleanse we experience symptomatology of illness and discomfort. If we detox too slowly or too quickly, it's important to have expert support and guidance.

DIS-EASE MANIFESTS in degenerative signals as an INTELLIGENT warning system. These warning signs can manifest as,

  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Cognitive decline
  • Digestive Issues
  • Inflammation
  • Loss of Energy

Mother Earth knows that we need help and She lovingly provides healing help. We need only look under our own feet to discover it. Literally! She is growing healing foods that burst from the soil to provide us with natural healing forces, and she is awakening gifted and loving teachers to help teach and guide us back to energized conscious living.

The toxins that have made their way into our Standard American Diet, (i.e., hormones, preservatives, pesticides, harmful chemicals), environmental toxins and chemicals, lymphatic stagnation and the decline of the endocrine gland system, are all a major causes of our dis-ease.

During a cleanse, one can also experience negative stored memories, including anger, loneliness, pain, fear, and so on, as the emotions resurface during the detoxification process to be eliminated as the body regenerates to our natural state of wellness, wholeness and vibrancy.  It is especially important to have support during this time.

To enhance and accelerate regeneration of cells and tissue, I may recommend natural botanical formulas (herbals in tincture and capsule) that are available for purchase. I use only the highest quality herbal formulas from Dr. Morse's Cellular Botanicals.


We begin with a detailed health history questionnaire that I carefully review before our 60-minute consultation. We will look more closely at your health history, your concerns and goals so that I may provide you with recommendations to get you started on your individual road to vibrant living again. My focus is to provide you with emotional and spiritual support, and guidance through awareness and education.  As you begin to detoxify and energize the lymphatic system, and regenerate the cells of the body with nutrition, herbs and movement, you will begin to experience a new love for living. Integral to your healing is taking command of your spiritual practice. I am here to guide and encourage you with compassion, love and light.

hourly consultation rate $125

8-week regenerative detoxification program

Review of Health History Questionnaire

60-Minute Consultation (in person or via Skype)

A Personalized 8-Week Protocol and Meal Plan For Optimal Detoxification

Two Fifty-Minute Follow-up Appointments

Email support 24/7


Each program is tailored for the individual.​ ​16 & 24-Week Programs Available.

On-going support available.

Price for cellular botanicals is separate.

As I invest energy and effort into preparing for each consultation, I ask the same level of commitment from each of my clients. All services require pre-payment via PayPal. 48-hour notification required to reschedule, or to cancel to receive full refund.

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