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Essential to our wellbeing is balance within our energy body. The genesis of our dis-ease or stress can usually be discovered and linked to the energy origin within the mind, body, heart connection. A holistic approach to wellness is imperative for total wellness.

I believe wellbeing is our birthright.

Each of us deserves to live in harmony, peace and in a supportive environment. Oftentimes, our choice-making is rooted in age-old, dysfunctional, and obsolete conditioning and mis-information. This can put us in a place of constant stress, fear and self-shame because we believe we are not worthy of more. It is our birthright to thrive, experience beauty, wellbeing, success and abundance. We all deserve a life that is balanced and where we can experience more joy and enthusiasm.

I offer complementary healing modalities to provide a complete evaluation of the human energy system. I evaluate the entire mind, body, heart systems, including physical symptoms, diet, mental habits, relationships, career and spiritual practice.

I offer expert guidance for:

* healing anxiety
*spiritual practice development
* cognitive decline
* digestive issues
* weight loss
* regenerative detoxification & cleanse
* plant-based nutrition guidance

Before our first consultation, we begin with a confidential health history questionnaire to provide me with essential information about your current and past health, habits, concerns and goals.

As we team up together and you progress, you will better understand your own needs for self-nurturance, develop a deeper spiritual practice, and understand how your own unique human energy system can become depleted.

I provide compassionate and expert guidance as you learn techniques to skillfully exit lower energy vibrations, improve your choice-making awareness, and maintain a higher energy vibration in your body, mind and heart.

I frequently recommend sound therapy and some level of regenerative detoxification or cleanse to purify the mind-body connection.


​hourly consultation rate $125
3 hourly sessions $300
(in person or via Skype)

​six-month comprehensive coaching program

60-Minute Consultation (in person or via Skype)
Review of Health History Questionnaire
A Personalized Guidebook
Monthly Life-style Assignments
Twice Monthly Fifty-Minute Check-In Appointments
Email support 24/7
$233 per month​

Prepaid discount available.
​Each program is tailored for the individual.​​
Price for cellular botanicals is separate.

For more information or to schedule a Consultation, contact me HERE.

As I invest energy and effort into preparing for each consultation, I ask the same level of commitment from each of my clients.

All services require pre-payment via PayPal.

48-hour notification required to reschedule, or to cancel to receive full refund.