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holistic health & sound practitioner


I have much to be grateful for. Teachers, colleagues, and companions have all impacted my holistic practice and have touched me personally. I would like to recommend some of those who have impacted me by providing a link to their site:

Blue Spirit Costa Rica
Be Well By Michelle
Finca Ambiwasi

Luke Sellars
Rayos Del Sol
Rythmia Life Advancement Center
Shanti Sounds Costa Rica
Weaving of Womanhood Retreats

victoria's library

Suggested Reading List:

Over the years, my own personal journey for spiritual awakening and wellness has lead me to many teachers, especially authors who have penned inspired works that have initiated my own healing. Below is a list of some of my favorites. I hope you will find them as helpful, too. And a JOURNAL is highly recommended. My favorite journals are made by Pauper Press.

Energy Exchange

I offer these suggestions for convenience, but with qualification. If you make a purchase on Amazon as a result of clicking on the link, I receive a small percentage, perhaps 4% of the sale price. However, I'm a huge supporter of public libraries. My Mom was a Librarian for many years and to honor her, please join me in supporting your public library if you'd prefer to borrow these books.​​