Participating in ceremony offers us the opportunity to bring deeper awareness and self-love as we connect to our higher power, ancestral guides or sweet spirits.

In ceremony we listen with a whole heart, open and brave, to receive that which becomes intimately known through our own intention and individual awareness.

Mother Nature offers us many sacred medicines to help guide us back home, including sacred cacao, ceremonial tobacco, essential oils, tinctures, and sound to deepen our connection to our higher self.

As we sit together in Private Ceremony, we work one-on-one to re-join the divine and Spirit behind the web of life and experience a return to loving kindness, empowerment, self-compassion and self-forgiveness as we take root in our divinity. 

Feel free to bring a journal and/or other personal sacred items. Please arrive hydrated.

90-Minute Private Ceremony $115*

For questions or more information about Private Ceremony, click HERE.

*When we approach ceremony, we bring our whole self--physically and energetically. By setting an intention and offering a financial gift, it presents us with the opportunity to energetically participate in the reciprocal movement of abundance and flow as we give and receive, also known as AN OFFERING IN THE SPIRIT OF AYNI (RECIPROCITY).


Victoria Schon

HIGH Vibrational LIVING

Private Ceremony