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A Private Sacred Sounds Session is a private, individualized sound healing session where we go inward, addressing your specific needs. It's where we can do the deepest work together. You'll come away feeling your energy frequency regenerated, your spirit awakened and nourished, and the mind calm. The perfect place for new insights and increased creativity. I recommend having a journal on-hand afterwards.

60-Minute Session $65

75-Minute Session $80

​90-Minute Session $95

Three 60-Minute Sessions Package $180


75-Minute Session $120

90-Minute $135

​Private sessions take place at Verapose Yoga & Meditation House, or within my sound studio, an acoustically engineered English shepherd hut on my country property in Dexter. Purchase online below.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Pre-payment requested for private sessions.

48-hour notification required to reschedule, or to cancel to receive full refund.

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​private sessions

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​Contact me here if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

"Victoria, I enjoyed your crystal singing bowl sound journey today. Fragments of the experience have been popping in and out of my head all day. I’ve not experienced anything like it before. Absolutely beautiful and moving.  Thank you for sharing.  Looking forward to the next time!" ~Andrea

Private Sessions