Bliss out and raise your energetic frequency with Sound Vibration.

This is a private, individualized sound journey where we go inward, addressing your specific needs. It's where we can do the deepest work together. You'll come away feeling your energy body frequency regenerated, your spirit awakened and nourished, and your mind calm. The perfect place for new insights and increased creativity. I recommend having a journal on-hand afterwards.

Performance Athletes:

  • Improve focus and performance
  • Improve recovery
  • Improve stamina

"Victoria, I enjoyed your crystal singing bowl sound journey today. Fragments of the experience have been popping in and out of my head all day. I’ve not experienced anything like it before. Absolutely beautiful and moving.  Thank you for sharing.  Looking forward to the next time!" ~Andrea


​DUE TO THE Governors executive order,
Masks are currently required.


75-Minute Session $100.00 USD
90-Minute Session $115.00 USD
Couple 75-Minutes $130.00 USD
Couple 90-Minutes $150.00 USD 

​Private sessions take place either at Verapose Yoga & Meditation House, or at my private sound studio, an acoustically engineered English shepherd hut on my country property in Dexter. For Private Session on-site, please contact me for pricing.

Schedule a private sound journey HERE.

Private Sound Journey

Victoria Schon

HIGH Vibrational LIVING