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Victoria Schon

I've been interested in well-being and longevity for over 30 years. I knew from an early age that I wanted to age (and sage) gracefully to enjoy all my favorite activities and to travel well into my "golden years". 

The genesis of our dis-ease and stress can usually be discovered and linked to the energy origin within the mind-body-heart connection. It can manifest as anxiety, weight gain, digestive issues, pain, inflammation, insomnia, cognitive decline and more. A holistic approach to wellness is essential for total health and well-being.

Many of the roadblocks we experience that can prevent us from enjoying more health and happiness are low vibration energetic behaviors and habits, such as toxic habits, attitudes, and beliefs. When what we do, day in and day out no longer serves us, or serves the higher good of all, they become heavy, dense and burdensome, stealing our life-giving energy.

To regain our health, well-being and vitality, I've discovered VIBRATION and ENERGY are the keys to asserting change and reaching our optimal health. We can raise our energetic vibration through balancing our diet with living, intelligent foods, removing toxins (environmental and emotional), developing our creativity, incorporating gentle movement, practicing meditation, nurturing our Soul with a spiritual practice, and making real heart connections. As we raise our energetic vibrational frequency, many of the road-blocks to your happiness will simply fall away.

For PERFORMANCE ATHLETES, having a clean, strong body that works efficiently is only a part of the process for success. Incorporating Sound Vibration and high frequency meditation practices and envisioning into your daily workout routine gives you an edge as you move into an aligned, connected version of yourself.

"If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration." ~Nikola Tesla

I've also discovered that there is not a magic pill or a short-cut, nor is there one modality to achieve maximum healing and well-being. It requires your time, persistence and a positive attitude to navigate this journey and to incorporate all that works for you. But you don't have to do it alone.

Having an angel on your side gives you a huge advantage. I bring years of experience and expert guidance to help you reach your goals and to discover which healing modalities are right for you.

I provide expert support, guidance, and a safe space designed to support your mind, body, and heart systems as we travel this journey together.


Hourly consultation rate $125
3 hourly sessions $300
(in person or via Zoom)


8, 16 and 24-Week Programs starting at $683.

60-Minute Consultation (in person or via Skype)
Review of Health History Questionnaire
A Personalized Guidebook
Monthly Life-style Assignments
Twice Monthly Check-In Appointment/Call
Email support 24/7
$235 per month​​

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Prepaid discount available.
​Each program is custom-tailored for the individual.​​
Costs for cellular botanicals for detoxification programs, if recommended, are separate.