Victoria Schon

Sound & Wellbeing

expert guidance, mentoring & regenerative detoxification

Essential to our wellbeing is balance within our energy body. The genesis of our dis-ease or stress can usually be discovered and linked to the energy origin within the mind, body, heart connection. A holistic approach to wellness is imperative for total wellness.

Each of us deserves to live in harmony, peace and in a supportive environment. Oftentimes, our choice-making is rooted in age-old, dysfunctional, and obsolete conditioning and mis-information. This can put us in a place of constant stress, fear and self-shame because we believe we are not worthy of more. It is our birthright to thrive, experience beauty, wellbeing, success and abundance. We all deserve a life that is balanced and where we can experience more joy and enthusiasm.

I offer complementary healing modalities to provide a complete evaluation of the human energy system. I evaluate the entire mind, body, heart systems, including physical symptoms, diet, mental habits, relationships, career and spiritual practice.

Complementary healing modalities include:

* healing anxiety naturally
* spiritual practice development
* cognitive decline
* digestive issues
* weight loss
* regenerative detoxification & cleanse
* plant-based nutrition guidance


Hourly consultation rate $125
3 hourly sessions $300
(in person or via Skype)

​Six-month comprehensive coaching program
60-Minute Consultation (in person or via Skype)
Review of Health History Questionnaire
A Personalized Guidebook
Monthly Life-style Assignments
Twice Monthly Fifty-Minute Check-In Appointments
Email support 24/7
$233 per month​

Prepaid discount available.
​Each program is tailored for the individual.​​
Price for cellular botanicals is separate.