what is sacred sound?

I have come to experience sacred sound as an ally and a sacred medicine. Mind set and setting are essential to gain the benefits of a Healing Heart Sacred Sounds©sound journey. With purpose and intention I create an environment where our body's natural ability to self-heal can take place.

Our culture and our modern environment have become very noisy and very loud. We've grown desensitized to our own inner landscape in which stillness and subtly reside. A place where freedom, wholeness and love abound.

Sacred sound vibration therapy is a powerful non-invasive healing modality and beneficial to restoring our wellbeing, heart, mind and body. When we enter into the field of sound in a state of total relaxation with intention, healing and connection to a higher consciousness can take place. We can then approach the day ahead with a more open heart and calm mind, while simultaneously being a bright light to the people in our life.

Most people feel refreshed and at ease while actually looking rested and radiant following a sound journey, which is also known as a sound healing or a sound bath. The experience is unique to each individual and may include physical sensations, visual images, a range of emotions, creative insights or even deep sleep.

There can be moments of intensity, which will pass if one remains relaxed, and likewise moments of heightened clarity. One’s sense of time and space is usually altered during the sound journey, often making it difficult to determine just how much time has passed.

The reaction from regular “sound bath receivers” is that they have increased their ability to manage stressful situations, can move through challenging situations in a more fluid and effortless manner, experience deeper and improved sleep and have an improved overall sense of health and wellbeing.

A marked increase in alpha and theta brainwave activity has been observed when one is exposed to the vibrations and sound frequencies of crystal singing bowls and gongs. With this, breathing becomes softer, the pulse and heart rate decrease and the participant feels more connected with her or his inner world.

Most of us live a very fast-paced lifestyle, and have forgotten how to relax our mind and body, failing to connect with our inner world. Stress, anxiety, pain and unwanted weight gain are the result. A sound journey is a complementary healing modality aimed at calming the body and stilling mind.

There is an effortless beauty in receiving a sound bath, as the participant is not required to DO anything other than lay in a comfortable position, relax, listen, feel and receive the vibration.

A Healing Heart Sacred Sounds©
sound journey begins with each person lying down or seated in a comfortable position, often with a blanket and an eye mask. After a few minutes of guided breath work and guided meditation, the remainder of the experience is filled with different sounds, tones, vibrations, and frequencies being introduced in succession, lasting approximately 60-90 minutes.

Victoria Schon

HIGH Vibrational LIVING